August 29, 2018


If you came from my previous blog My Crafting Closet, then you are in the right place.  I could not have made this move without the help of my amazing friend, Loll Thompson.  She designed this site and transferred most of the contents over from my old blog!  Now Wordpress and Blogger are not compatible, so you will notice numerous glitches, in particular the galleries did not import.  I would have fixed them, but that's where the problem begins.  No changes can be made to any imported content!

So why the switch?  I was flying blind and randomly created a Wordpress blog not knowing anything about blogging, platforms, etc.  Okay, you caught me... I didn't do my research. 😝   So almost a year being in blogland, I realized I made a mistake.  I didn't want to start all over, but then earlier this year, I had to renew my contract with my hosting company.  The fees were double what I paid initially, so I knew this was my cue to switch!  My Crafting Closet will still be up until March 2019 when my contract ends.

So a quick recap...

I still live on the west coast of Canada in the over-priced city of Vancouver with my husband of 13+ years.  Around this time, my health took a turn and forced my life to head in a different direction.  I truly believe things happen for a reason and this is how I accidentally discovered this wonderful stamping and papercrafting community.  Heat embossing may have hooked me initially, but my passion for this hobby didn’t happen until I started entering challenges and created my blog in 2016.

It's been over two years since I've started on this blogging journey.  I am a carmaker.  Clean and simple is mostly my style, but I don't like to limit myself and will try anything.  The best part of all this has been the friends I've made online all around the world.  I have also been lucky enough to meet several of them in person!   I am on a couple of fun and supportive design teams and have been privileged enough to make guest appearances too!   I would love it if you join me and hit that subscribe button on the sidebar there. 👉

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sandie said...

I think I need to subscribe again! And your new blog looks amazing and each card you make gets better and better! My love across the seas xx